Crayon College 

300 Piedmont Dr. suite 209
SAn Bruno, CA 94066

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We are proud to be so well received by our parents and community. Read what they have to say about Crayon College Preschool!

What makes Crayon College so special?  The connections that the teachers have made with my son really astonishes me.  They've taken the time to know and connect with him, to help him thrive and work on his socio-emotional development.  The teachers are positive and caring; loving and nurturing; the students are always having a ton of fun!  My son cries everyday when I come to pick him up because he's built strong friendships.  Our son has been at Crayon College since he was two and a half.  He hasn't just grown physically , but he he's learned a ton academically, and is growing socially too. 
- Michele Brock

The entire staff of Crayon College has all the qualities preschoolers need in their teachers: patience, kindness and compassion.
-Nicki Vierhaus

Crayon College has met and exceeded all of my expectations.  My daughters looked forward to going to school everyday!
-Jennifer Ryan

Crayon College's greatest strength and asset is its staff.  My son formed bonds with his teachers stronger than I could have ever imagined.
-Gina Herrera

Crayon College prepared both my girls for St. Veronicas Kindergarten both socially and academically.  Crayon College and their staff exceeded my expectations.  They are family to us now and always.
-Alexa O'Brien
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